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When it comes to using FUT 18 cheats, hacks or generator you will find a huge choice of tools. Not all of them are working perfectly, some of them are not working at all. A few of them are only working on a specific console or account. On this article we will show you how easy it is to use the FIFA 18 coins hack and of course what you should be aware of.

Be aware of this FIFA 18 hack scam!

You should never provide someone with your personal e-mail address, security question or your password. This could lead to something terrible. Your account could get hacked, your player or coins stolen. Everything you played and used money for would be gone just because one mistake. Don’t even consider about writing your security question plus answer and password to someone or somewhere. Never ever do this. On Facebook you can find money posts showing a fake FIFA 18 hack scam, in which you have to enter your personal information such as password. Simply don’t do it and you won’t run into any risk of losing your items.

Fortunately there are some really good working FIFA 18 coin generator and they can actually really bring you unlimited free coins and points on your Xbox Live, PSN or Origin gaming account. Not really need to explain on how it works, because it is self-explaining, but if some of you did it, but didn’t receive anything it might be your fault. Enter your correct username, the platform you are playing on and the amount of free FIFA 18 Ultimate Team coins and points you would like to get. Press the button below and wait for several minutes. If there are any further request you should definitely follow the instructions. Some FIFA 18 coins hack come up with a human verification or survey. Don’t bother about this. They only use it for security purposes. Before there were several coin seller like MMOGA trying to use bots, macros and other auto. tools to hack the coin generator. They were generating millions of items on new created accounts and then the coin seller sold these accounts for lots of money. It was a huge mess and scam. Since websites offering the FIFA 18 coin generator came up with a human verification the prices of coins were rising a lot. Now you know why.

Ultimate Team is extremely popular and can be even more fun if you got great player. Don’t bother about using cheats, tools like the hack or other tricks and tipps to earn yourself a golden amount of free FUT 18 coins and points. It works very easy and without any limitation. Come back to the coin generator any time you want and get yourself even more items for free.